Friday, May 7, 2010

Survival kits.

Well this is going to be a long post. Its been a busy "gift" week with it being nurses week, teacher appreciation week and our social work intern graduates next week so as a little gift to everyone I decided to do survival kits.

I did 15 Nurses survival kits for Nurse's week:

Here are the little nurses I made for them. (I Love Every Day Paper Dolls)

These were made to look like our 2 mail nurses Steve and Ed.

Here are the 15 kits:

Here's a close up of one of them:

The Magic Wands I made to go inside, I used pencils, shortened them, removed the easer's, and painted them black. I then used white ribbon on the ends.

Here is the list of things that was inside:

Nurses Survival Kit:

Lifesavers: Because you are one.
Snicker's Bar: To remind you that laughter is the best medicine.
Starbursts: For that burst of energy at the end of the day.
Marbles: To replace the ones you lose.
Tooth- pick: to “pick-out” the good qualities in everyone.
Paper clip: To help you hold things together.
Rubber band: To Stretch yourself beyond your limits.
100 Grand Bar: Because that’s what you should really be paid.
Peppermint: To thank you for your commit “mint” to your profession
Hugs & Kisses: For when you really need one.
Pens: For your endless charting
Lollipop: To help you lick everyone's problems
Tissue: To dry tears, your own and someone else's.
Magic wand: In case all else fails.

Here is the graduation survival kit for our intern:

Here is the list of things in this survival kit:

Graduation Survival Kit
Glitter: To sparkle all night long
Battery: So you can keep going & going
Chapstick: To keep your lips kissable
Starburst: For a burst of energy
Nuts: To remind you to get a little nutty
Mirror, Comb & Gum: To stay ready!
Fan: To cool down when you're too hot to handle
Hugs & Kisses: To remind you how special you are to me!!

Here are the 2 I made for Teachers appreciation day, one is for the teacher on our in patient unit and the other is for her assistant. With close ups of the dolls:

Here is the list for the Teachers survival kit:

Teachers survival kit:
Band-Aid - For when things get a little rough.

Eraser - To remind you everyone makes mistakes and they can be erased.
Hugs and Kisses - For when you need a hug.
Jewel - Because you are so precious.
Lifesaver - For when you've had one of those days.
Marbles - To replace the ones you've lost.
Mint - To remind you that you are worth a "mint".
Mounds Bar - For the mounds of confidence you give your students.
Paperclip - To hold it all together.
Rubber band - To remind you to be flexible.
Shiny Penny - To remind you, each will shine in their own special way.
Sponge - To soak up the overflow, when your brain is too full.
Starburst - To give you a "burst" of energy when you need it.
Tissues - To wipe away the tears...yours and theirs.
Teachers prayer - For you to say at the start of each day
The teachers prayer that was put inside:
Teacher's Prayer
Spirits, Please help me,
To strengthen their voices,
bodies and minds,
To express their feelings and
control them sometimes,
To explore what's near
and venture afar,
But most important to love
who they are.


  1. OMG, these are absolutely adorable!!!

  2. THIS IS SUPER DUPER!!!! I work in the medical field... I LOVED your "Nurses Week" kit.
    I'm cricaholic from the MB.. following your creativity..-Hi!

  3. Where are the instructions to make this...

  4. do you have directions for the dolls