Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh I got an award!

I came home to find this nice comment from Scrappinlil and telling me to check out her blog there was something there for me, I was so surprised to find she had passed on an award to me!

I have to tell ten things that I am blessed to have in my life...and then pass it on to 3 here goes!

1. God - with out him nothing else really matters.

2. My hubby - who's my shoulder to cry on.

3. My parents - who have always shown me support and love

4. My dogs - they make me smile, I don't even want to imagine life without them.

5. My friends - Got to love having great friends

6. My NSSS Sisters - those girls are great for a laugh, never mind listening to my problems, and are great for inspiration

7. My job - I 'm lucky to not only have a job but one that pays decently with this current economy.

8. Being creative - it truly is a coping skill for me, and not sure what else I would do to deal with all my daily stress

9. All my craft supplies - I'm blessed to have as much as I do.

10. My car - that gets me every where I need to go.

Now to pick the three to pass this award on to...oh this is hard, but here they are:

Shawn - One of my sweet and very creative NSSS

Brenda - A very creative lady

Jackie - Another very creative lady

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Title page for wedding album

I'm loving this lo. Paper is from the Latte stack, la Creme Stack and the Holiday collection stack. I used Accent essentials for the top note and storybook for the font.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Lo for my wedding album.

These pictures are also from our rehearsal dinner. We had our dinner at a place names circus cafe and after dinner they brought us out these 2 huge things of cotton candy. Well one of our guests (the oldest of the group) decided cotton candy would make a great mustache...then everyone else had to join in the fun. Sorry for the glare on the photo's I need to get better lighting in my scrap corner.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My 1st LO for my wedding album.

I've been married for a yr, and until the other night had not started my album yet. My goal for this yr is to get my wedding album done and also start an everyday album

So here is my 1st lO.

gift from my NSSS

My Jan package from Becca, can you believe she found me a patp set for less then $5!

Gifts for my NSSS Becca

This yr my NSSS Becca and I decided to do smaller packages and include more home made items, this is the card and planner that I sent in her package this month

I love how this card came out, I think it maybe my fav. The day planner I altered for her. I found a bunch of these in the $ bins at target and thought they would be fun to alter.

It's been awhile...

With the move and the holiday I got behind on my bio so I wanted to post some of the things I made around Christmas and a few cards I made the last couple of weeks.

A card for a NSSS DD who turned 5 last week
A few b-day cards for some of my NSSS sisters who had birthdays in Jan.

Some extremely late Birthday cards for some NSSS who's cards didn't get done in the shuffle of my move.

I did about 20 of each of these for Christmas

This yrs very popular Christmas ornaments.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Updtes to my new room.

The very cool bug clock I won in a bug head RAK on the MB, a perfect addition to my space.

I wanted to add a quote in the little space btw the shelving and the magnetic boards. I didn't have any pink vinyl but while I was at J's I found this post it note full adhesive paper that I though I would try, well it worked great and because it was paper I could stamp on it to give it a little more detail.

Here is a close up so you can see the stamping

Last a real simple mini paint can I did for my pens and pencils. I wanted it to match the white and black theme of my room.