Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another altered composition book

I made this composition book for a 12 yr old girl I was working with she has been through more then most adults and left our unit today to go to residential placement. I wanted to make her something special and this is what I made, I included some gel pens, some cute pencils and a little bunny.

The front

The back:

Thank you cards and magazine holder

The nurses and social workers are having a little appreciation party for are floor staff that does all the gross things and often get hit and spit at when pt's are out of control. I volunteered to make the thank you cards. I made 60 of them.

When I was at Jewel's SU party her sister had brought with her this really cute mini magazine holder to put cards in. I asked her to e-mail me the instructions and I couldn't wait to try them and thought it would be a great way to give the cards to each of the nurse mangers. I kept them really simple since I was just playing. I put 2o in each and they are a little stuffed 10-12 cards would be perfect.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

SU Party

Today was a wonderful day. I got to meet one of my cricut sisters Jewelbug and I went to my 1st SU party. Jewel and I live about an hour apart and have been talking about getting together for awhile now. She was nice enough to invite me to her SU party and I was very excited to go. I've been eyeing the SU products since coming to the mb but haven't had a chance to order anything yet. Today I definitely ordered a lot and can't wait to get all the stuff I ordered!

Here is a picture of Jewel and I:

Here are the projects we made:

This is a stairstep:

This one we used "masking" to get the layered pots:

First try at gamsol

I did these for my co-workers and administrative assistance. I thought the stamp was perfect given we work on a psych unit. This is my first attempt at gamsol and I love it!

A Close up:

Composition books and paper clips

These I did as gifts for our administrative assistance.

I just did these for my social work co-worker's just for something to cheer them up as work has been really stressful the last month.

Iris folding

My cricut sister's all have been doing the iris folding so I figured I would give it a shot. I used them as thank you cards for our Administrative assistance the other day.

Baby Book

When I found out my bff was expecting I knew I wanted to make her a scrapbook. I started it early to have it done in time for her baby shower and then she ended up having Baby Amanda 2 months early so I had to go back and make changes to some of the month LO's and I forgot to take new I had to post the old LO's before the changes. On a side note baby Amanda is doing very well and recently came home from the NICU.

Sorry the photo's are small, If you click on them they will open bigger.

I had to change this one to '09 from '10

another one I had to change from '09 - 10

This is another one that was altered from '10 to '09

This ended up being changed to March.