Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers day gift - mom word book

For mothers day this year I made my mom my first word book. 

Heres the front of the book.

A close up of the sides, I don't have a bind it all so I used a couple of rings I had and covered them with some ribbon.
The back of the m, its hard to read but I wrote a few quotes about being a mom, and then wrote a little note telling her all the reasons I love her.
The front of the O page
The back of the O page and M
Close up of the back of the o
Close up of the M page, sorry this picture is so fuzzy, I didn't realize it was so bad until after I gave my mom her book. The little typed sections are the words Friend, Love, and support along with their definitions.

Last page:


  1. Christin, this is beautiful!!! And, Happy Mothers Day!!!

  2. I love the color you used here...are the SU? I am placing my first order with my demo tomorrow...I ran out of that choc chip CS you got me and I NEED!!!

  3. What a great word book! I usually have a thicker rectangle with my first letter, but I really like how your first page looks!!

  4. Thanks ladies.

    Sis - I love SU! These are the in colors that are going out next month.