Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh I got an award!

I came home to find this nice comment from Scrappinlil and telling me to check out her blog there was something there for me, I was so surprised to find she had passed on an award to me!

I have to tell ten things that I am blessed to have in my life...and then pass it on to 3 here goes!

1. God - with out him nothing else really matters.

2. My hubby - who's my shoulder to cry on.

3. My parents - who have always shown me support and love

4. My dogs - they make me smile, I don't even want to imagine life without them.

5. My friends - Got to love having great friends

6. My NSSS Sisters - those girls are great for a laugh, never mind listening to my problems, and are great for inspiration

7. My job - I 'm lucky to not only have a job but one that pays decently with this current economy.

8. Being creative - it truly is a coping skill for me, and not sure what else I would do to deal with all my daily stress

9. All my craft supplies - I'm blessed to have as much as I do.

10. My car - that gets me every where I need to go.

Now to pick the three to pass this award on to...oh this is hard, but here they are:

Shawn - One of my sweet and very creative NSSS

Brenda - A very creative lady

Jackie - Another very creative lady


  1. Thank you Tina - now i have to figure out how to pass it on!!!

  2. Congrats!! It is always great to be recognized!!

  3. I love this idea! Congratulations on being recognized!