Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DtsArt Desgin team. Candy Corn Peeps

This week I'm guest designing on the other design team at DtsArt. I had to guest design when I saw these cute little Candy Corn Peeps. I already had plans to make these little pal center peaces and I thought these little Candy Corn Peeps would just look perfect in the Candy Corn pal that I had. I will be posting the other pals I made below.

Now I know I'm always bragging about how easy and great the cut falls are from DtsArt, but after doing these pals and using cut files from another site I truly can say that Dardi does an amazing job of making her cut files perfect. Everything is split by color, you don't have to go into ink scape and try to split files further or cut things in multiple colors to get all your pieces. Also you can put all the pieces on the mat and make them the size you want and they all fit correctly. I've had files where this is not the case and resizing is a nightmare! I know it takes Dardi a long time to put these files together and its clear why they are clean and easy to use!!!

Please make sure you check out every one's projects at DtsArt Blog and here to purchase.

Here are some close ups of my little Candy Corn peeps.

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