Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments.

Every year I make an ornament for everyone in my family. I didn't get to take a picture of all of them because it was getting late and I had to get them wrapped but here are pictures of the one I did for DH and myself. They look even better in person.


Punch Pals

Staz On
Bic Marker
White Pigment ink pad (I used a la mode, that I found at Joann's)

Glass ornaments
Transparency sheets (I bought mine by the sheet from the printing dept at office max, if you want to buy a box of them the only come in 50 or 100 and are very pricey)
Chunky clear glitter (I also found this at Joann's)
1/8 whole punch

1. Cut a circle out of the transparency about a 1/2 smaller then the diameter of your ornament. I used my cricut for this.

2. Using Staz on ink stamp on your img.

3. If you want to add writing you want to do this now before flipping the img over to color. I wrote every one's name and the year using a sharpie.

4. Flip circle over and color with markers, I put a piece of masking tape at the top to help hold it in place and to keep from getting to many finger prints on the transparency.

5. Using a sponge (I used q-tips) color in the snow man by dabbing your sponge on the white ink pad and then on your snow man.

Before moving on to the next step I recommend giving him a little time to dry

6. punch a small 1/8" whole in the top of the circle and put a small piece of string through. I used stampin ups clear tinsel trim.

7. Set aside your transparency and fill the bottom of your ornament with glitter

8. Next roll your circle small enough to get through the opening, you want the shinny side (stamped side) out, and push through. Make sure you hold on to the string.

9. Adjust your transparency to where you want it and then pull the string over the edge and put the top back on, the top should hold the strings in place. Trim off an excess.

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