Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Prank

One of my co-workers likes to play pranks on all of us, so my office mate and I decided it was time to get we've been plotting for the last few months and decided we would decorate his office for Halloween for him. We hit the dollar store and bought tons of goodies and then the other week we snuck in his office after he left and decked it all out...He was shocked and loved it.

Here's a close up of his desk...hard to get all the details but there are spiders, mice, candy corn, Halloween confetti, Lights and a bunch of other scary Halloween items all over his desk.

A shot of the corner

A shot of the main area

the floor, that's Halloween confetti all over the ended up being tracked all over the hospital.
The door
It was so much fun, there are so many other little details that I didn't get in the pic's but it was a blast.

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