Friday, June 12, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I woke up this morning to find that I won an Award! How cool. Thanks to one of my new not so secret sister's Tracy! This is my first award...actually I just learned about this award the other night.

Now to tell you 10 things about me...

1. I am a psych social worker on an Adol. psych unit.
2. I married my hs sweet heart after being together for 10 yrs
3. I'm still a newly wed. and will be for 3 more months and a day
4. I'm addicted to starbucks
5. I hate to cook, but love to Bake!
6. I'm a "oops" baby, my sister is 13 yrs older then me and my brother is almost 11 yrs older.
7. I became an Aunt at age 10.
8. We are trying to buy a house and hopefully I will have a scrap room soon. :)
9. I love going to the movies, the drive-ins are my fav.
10. I have 2 pit bulls, a bunny, a tokay gecko and a bearded dragon.

I past the honest scrap award on to these 7 blogs:
1. Iva
2. Danielle
3. Mel
4. Jen
5. Angie
6. Julie
7. Krista

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