Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby Book

When I found out my bff was expecting I knew I wanted to make her a scrapbook. I started it early to have it done in time for her baby shower and then she ended up having Baby Amanda 2 months early so I had to go back and make changes to some of the month LO's and I forgot to take new I had to post the old LO's before the changes. On a side note baby Amanda is doing very well and recently came home from the NICU.

Sorry the photo's are small, If you click on them they will open bigger.

I had to change this one to '09 from '10

another one I had to change from '09 - 10

This is another one that was altered from '10 to '09

This ended up being changed to March.


  1. Tini
    your love and friendship shines thru with all the time and effort you put into scrapbook - I'm sure it will be cherished forever!!

  2. Now this is SOOOO awesome!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!